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Located in Kavacik/Beykoz-Istanbul, Espresso Perfetto is an international brand originated in Germany.

Think, as we are the A-Z for everything coffee related, from beans and machines down to the very last detail of cups and saucers. Our store is a coffee lovers’ refuge, fusing open showroom with an espresso bar and kitchen.

The coffeeshop is open from Monday to Friday early in the morning and our staff serves from 07:30 to 18:30 crispy croissants, tasty cibatta sandwich’s along with your favorite coffee from Africa, Asia or different regions of South America. At lunchtime, you can enjoy a meal from our seasonal menu. We welcome you for your special events in the evenings or in the weekends.

Espresso Perfetto is a boutique concept that is set to redefine the coffee experience in Istanbul with its original coffee and coffee machines. With professional brands from Italy to US, like Rocket Espresso, Slayer Espresso, the showroom is everything a home or professional barista will ever need. Our baristas will even train you to use your brand-new machine and will happily share their enthusiasm to coffee with you.


Andrea Izmiroglu

Address: Ruzgarlibahce Mahallesi, Bozkurt Sok.No: 3/3 Kavacik, Beykoz 34805 Istanbul/Turkey

Telephone: +90 (216) 680 20 80

Fax: +90 (216) 680 20 90


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