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The Board

THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN OF ISTANBUL (IWI) is a non-profit social organisation providing a support network for international women living in and around Istanbul. In addition, we provide business networking opportunities and charitable support for selected non-profit organisations in our community. IWI achieves this in a variety of ways:

  • Providing a positive social network for foreign women living in and around Istanbul by organising social programs and events
  • Establishing business networking opportunities for members
  • Offering continual support of various charitable non-profit organisations


Volunteering at IWI is a great opportunity to meet other foreign women in Istanbul; add activities and skills to your CV/resume; and learn about talents you didn't even know you had.


our hıstory

It is hard to pinpoint the exact age of the IWI (although we decided that 1979 is a good year). One of the earliest notes of her existence are meeting minutes from a coffee morning hosted in the American Ambassador’s wife home approximately 40 years ago. 

IWI has evolved over the years into so much more than coffee morning in private homes. However, one thing that has never changed is that IWI is a social organisation bringing together international women and offering support making life in Istanbul that much better. 

No matter what brings you to Istanbul, IWI is here to provide a social network of dynamic international women.

The IWI board is elected each year and meets monthly. Everyone is a volunteer. If you are interested in in learning more about how you may become more involved in IWI, please email


In accordance with Turkish Law, we have a legal office address and employ a legal advisor and an accountant. Our books and decisions are approved by the Board of Controllers during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which takes place every year in May. A portion of the net proceeds are donated the IWI Social Responsibility Fund which supports non-profit organisations in Turkey. For more information about the fund and the selection process, please see Social Responsibility.


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